ReDiscover U

The ReDiscover U Program assists individuals in learning new skills or rediscovering past interests through inclusive and diverse educational opportunities that enhance the health, well-being, and knowledge of those who participate in the classes. These classes are offered year-round and are taught by qualified staff or community members. 

Questions about ReDiscover U?

Email: Marlene Rivera

Hi, Holly! I had a lot of fun during our art lesson last

night. I really enjoy watching the video of how to draw a puppy! I'm going to stick with writing, but I had so much fun. Thanks for the experience

— ReDiscover U Art Session Attendee

Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 9.16.46 PM.png

I wanted to express my appreciation for the great ReDiscover U programs offered through CoBI. The variety of topics are awesome. What I really enjoy is the community and support that exists among the attendees. Formal support groups are great and certainly serve a purpose, but just getting together with peers and participating in interesting discussions and activities is a powerful way to feel connected - especially when we are compounding the TBI limitations of Covid

— Becky R.