About Us

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The Council on Brain Injury (CoBI) was started in 2007 by a few
ReMed staff members in memory of the late Dr. David Strauss.
Our Mission at CoBI is to fund education & opportunities related to brain injury, support research for improved treatment, and be an advocate for improved services. 

CoBI provides scholarships to individuals with brain injuries and their families to attend activities with an educational purpose. This includes funding the David Strauss Memorial Scholarship Fund of the Brain Injury Association of PA (BIAPA) which provides scholarships for individuals with brain injuries and their families to attend the BIAPA annual conference. In addition, CoBI provides funding for educational activities to inform the public, clinicians, and insurers about brain injury and brain injury prevention.

ReDiscover U

A unique program that meets the diverse educational needs and interests of adults with acquired brain injury. Modeled after community-based adult education programs, ReDiscover U offers a variety of topics in a supportive and accessible environment.

CoBI supports research efforts relating to brain injury — identifying its risk factors, improving the understanding of brain injury, promoting health models to improve the overall health of individuals with brain injury, and developing improved treatment models. Through CoBI, interested parties can apply for research grants, mini-grants, and stipends to study or develop ideas that are aimed at improving the lives of people with brain injury.


Outreach and Advocacy

CoBI reaches out to individuals and their families through its website and sponsored recreational activities aimed at improving life in the home and the community. Through its volunteers, CoBI works in public forums to help state and national agencies better understand brain injury, the needs of individuals with brain injury, and to better meet those needs.

CoBI Board of Directors

  • Joanne Finegan, MSA, CTRS, President

  • MJ Schmidt, M.A., CBIS, Chair

  • Kathryn Clayton, M.S., Secretary

  • Mary Pat Murphy, MSN, CRRN, Treasurer

  • Paul Wolfson, BA, Member

  • Josh Strauss, BA, Member

  • Eli DeHope, Ph.D, L.C.S.W., Member

  • Cristabelle Braden, MA, Member

  • David Woloshin, Esquire, Member

  • Joe Baldassarre, CPA, Member

  • Danielle Esbenshade, Marketing Specialist