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CoBI Community:


We hope everyone is staying safe as we all try and manage our way of life by following the guidelines to avoid this virus.  We will get through this but we know how difficult it is for many in our community.


We just wanted to share that CoBI is trying to do its part to help in this challenging time.  We created a new group on the CoBI Facebook page and already have over 40 members.  The purpose of the group is simple, we are asking staff, families, and individuals to share their ideas of ways to avoid isolation and inactivity while everyone has limited community access and social opportunities.  I have to say I am thrilled to see the initial response and ideas and I hope it continues to grow.  Even if you aren’t on FB but know someone who is and might be able to benefit, just tell them to look up Council on Brain Injury on Facebook and they can then join our group, STRIVE and THRIVE During Social Distancing.

GROUP DESCRIPTION - We can do this!! Join our group where we can come together to brainstorm and share ideas and information about activities, resources, groups and social media options that can help during this time of social distancing. This group is designed to provide ideas and information to support those we serve and the staff and families who are on the frontline every day. Share our group widely and post your new and creative idea of what is working for you. Life might be different right now but there are still lots of things to enjoy and explore…