In May 2007, ReMed was instrumental in founding the Council on Brain Injury (CoBI). The mission of CoBI is to fund education related to brain injury, conduct and support research for more effective treatment, and to advocate for improved services.

CoBI's Board of Directors, along with its community partners, are in the process of developing a long range plan which specifically focuses on initiatives that are aimed at the prevention of brain injury as well as improving life at home and in the community at large for individuals affected by brain injury and their families.

CoBI's fund raising program, Opportunities Given, is comprised of a number of different events throughout the year including David's Drive, a golf tournament held in the fall in the Philadelphia area, and New Advances in Brain Injury Rehabilitation, a conference held in March in the Pittsburgh area. In addition to these two major fundraisers, we receive donations throughout the year from individuals and groups. The funds that we receive go to a number of causes that we believe are worthwhile in the areas of prevention, education and research. Click on the link below to see some of the worthwhile causes we have supported both financially and as volunteers.

CoBI Grants Given - Where CoBI Gives Back

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